Region 1 - NH. Here we come

Posted by Sam Haddad on May 22 2012 at 08:22AM PDT

For the second year in a row the Thunder Magic girls are on their way to play in the Regional President’s Cup Competition to represent the state of Maryland. This year’s event will be held in Manchester, NH. The Magic girls will play teams from PA, MA, and NH in the first round of the competition.

Before we get on the road I have a few things I would like to say to my players:
I would like to remind you all that when we have the ball, YOU get to decide what happens. If YOU work 110% for each other you can beat anybody. In my opinion, the key to enjoying a sport is being able to enjoy competition, that has to come from within YOU, not imposed on you by a parent, a friend, or a coach. My job as your coach IS to believe in you and have confidence in you. And I 100% believe and have complete confidence in you. As you have done in the past couple of years, continue to have faith and trust in our system of play. Continue to believe in your abilities and what we do as a team and as individual players. I have witnessed firsthand where this team has been and where we are now. I have seen you girls play with, compete against, and beat more skilled teams and players. I know that the will of this team and the heart of the players on this team are second to none. I Know for a fact that no opponent will be able to out-hustle us no matter what happens.

Some people/coaches may say to their teams “try to go and have fun”. I think that alone without giving you something real to work towards, is a poor target in my view. You don’t need to TRY to have fun and enjoy yourself, YOU are and will have fun and enjoy soccer by playing well and feeling confident and talented, you will do this against strong teams by believing you have a way into the match. Winning is a bonus and as you’ve gotten older, it is a very big one. You will play well and determine the outcome of the match. You earned the RIGHT to be here. You are the champions from Maryland. Let’s go to NH and show what the girls from Maryland are all about.

Let’s go Magic!!


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